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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Blue Ceiling

FOR YEARS I have wanted a porch with a blue ceiling.  For some time, I had seen this look in magazines and in other homes.  It seems to totally lift the ceiling and gives you the feeling of being out under a blanket of sky.  

Last fall when we repainted our home, I finally got my wish!  Here are some scenes from my front porch.  Unfortunately, no before shots were taken of the ceiling.   

I wanted a very soft blue.  An it blue?  Not a slap you in your face, BLUE!  BOO!

I think the first photo is truest to reality.  

While we are out here, let me show you some more of the porch.  The house is painted gray with black shutters.  Although the original plan was to paint the shutters green.  We still may do that. 

This is a wicker set we have had for some time.  It previously was white and we spray painted it brown a few years back.  It is really beginning to show some wear.  

If you see a thin layer of yellow on everything, that is the pollen we are having to contend with right now.  A by-product of our lovely springs here in Georgia.  A close-up of the pillows I am using right now.

The bottom green cushions stay there year round.  The other pillows I change out according to the seasons.  

Close-up of the table.  I love this lantern.  I bought it on clearance at Old Time Pottery because it was missing a glass pane on one side.  I had full intention of getting another one cut.  That was months ago.  Oh well.  This has been nice to use during the shorter days of winter.  When we are expecting company in the evening, I light the candle in it.  Hotter days of summer may mean the candle will melt so I will need to move it.

A full view of the front porch.  My husband designed and built this front porch years ago.  I love the columns on each side.  

A friend gave me this wreath for my birthday this year.  I think it is bright and springy!!

 Our front door and side lights.

From the front porch, we have a wonderful view of Spring bursting forth before us.  

Earlier today, my husband and I sat on the front porch for a while and enjoyed the change in weather as a storm is rolling in.  Maybe the rain will knock off all this yellow pollen!   

I am in love, love with my front porch and blue ceiling!  Can you tell?  Do you have a blue ceiling somewhere in your home?  Do share! 

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  1. You are so ready for Spring! Looking good there for sure. Thanks for joining my newbie party, have fun!

  2. What a great porch! And I love your blue ceiling! I could definitely enjoy spending time here!

  3. This is sooooo beautiful, love it. Thank you for sharing. May you and your family be blessed in your "nest".


  4. Looks wonderful! And love that it's been something you really wanted to do - and you went ahead and just did it! xo

    :D Lynda

  5. How lovely and inviting! Your front porch is so charming, it seems like it is calling out, saying "Come! Sit, visit and enjoy some sweet tea!" You have a beautiful home!

  6. Your home is just beautiful! I remember my grandparents having a blue ceiling on their porch....such a classic look! Yellow pollen and storms rolling must live in the same part of Georgia where I live! We might just be sleeping in the basement tonight! Stay safe...and enjoy that beautiful front porch! :o}

  7. the blue ceiling looks wonderful and so does your front porch. I wish I had a front porch but at least I have a back one that I sit on everyday weather permitting. Your yard is beautiful, love all the blossoms and new growth!!

  8. Lovely post. I love the porch. Did you know that the theory about painting porch ceilings blue is that wasps will think it is the sky and won't try to build nests there. I know what you mean about the pollen- the rains have washed a river of yellow away. Stay safe tonight our terrible storms are headed your way. I am now following. Stop and visit me.

  9. Here in the Old South, a porch with a blue ceiling indicates a haunted house! Referred to as "Haint blue"!

  10. Libby...great porch! i love a big front porch! If the kitchen is the heart of the home, I think the front porch must be the lap of the home!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you did, b/c now I found you!

    I am in Alabama...the storm when right over my area with little damage. I hope y'all are alright. I am now following. Blessings for your job search!


  11. What a lovely yard AND porch you have! The blue ceiling looks amazing. I think I first saw that idea in a BH&G magazine, and I have loved it ever since. Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

  12. We have a front porch ceiling that looks exactly like yours. We have been discussing painting it. Right now it's white. I love your blue color, but it just wouldn't go with my furnishings. I'm considering barn red or a camel color (to go with the porch furniture.) I'm from South Carolina and we are enjoying all the flowering trees and plants but not the pollen!

  13. As a matter of fact, I don't have a blue porch ceiling, but you sure have got me wanting me one now! We may just have to see about getting one. I have lots of porches around here, hmmmm! Love your place, and am following you.

  14. Oh my goodness your porch is beautiful!! I agree the blue ceiling is so pretty. Glad I found your blog.

  15. Wow! What a gorgeous porch! A lady once told me the reason to paint a porch ceiling blue is to prevent cobwebs and nests. I see someone else commented to that fact. You'll have to let us know if it's true!

  16. You have an amazing home! The porch looks fabulous blue! I love it.

  17. Lots of nice parts. I especially like the front design of your home. Lovely wreath too. :)
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