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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Trip to the Coast!

So excited to be going on a road trip this weekend to visit my family on the coast.  I am looking forward to seeing some lovely blues and greens and plenty of relaxing water.  And beautiful horizons where sea and sky meet.  Much like this fabulous dining room scene below.  


I love everything about this room.  The furniture, the colors, the wall scene but especially the chandelier!! 

I hear we are forecast abundant sunshine.  yippie!  

What fun thing do you have planned this weekend?  Libby~


  1. well I must say I am jealous that you are going to the coast. I see you are in GA. I have lots of relatives in Ga. Atlanta,Dublin, Macon,Odum, Baxley, St. Simon's Island and Savannah. Have a great weekend!!