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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Hallway Feature

This is the end of a long hallway in our home.  Different things have hung here over the years.  Pictures, a mirror, nothing, etc.  Never quite happy with how it was looking.  I wanted to add some interest, but no color or pattern.  

I prefer to keep hallways mostly neutral.  This hallway has 5 doorways and that is busy enough.   Plus, I sorta like the eye to rest before it enters new rooms.  Recently, I was shopping at a thrift store and came across these beautiful white plates.  They were priced at $1.58 each and were 50% off that day.  There were 4 available.  My total was a whopping $3.16!  

Even though I had no idea where I would use them, I liked them, so I bought them.  I like the scalloped edge and wheat pattern along the top of the plate.

And there is a faint darkening around the rim.

They are marked on the back, the cellar, Made in Portugal, expressly for Macy's.  I am sure if I had bought them directly from Macy's they would have cost a little more than .79 cents a piece!

After looking at the plates for a while and my hallway wall, I decided to hang 3 of the plates there.  Better to keep an odd amount.   

But I didn't want to use the metal springy plate holders.  Although I have used them many times before.  I had heard of this new product and wanted to give it a try.  They are called DISC, Adhesive Plate Hangers and they are made in England.  I figure if anyone knows how to hang plates on a wall, it would be our friends in England!

It took me a while to find them.  Finally located some at A Classy Flea in Marietta for $3.75 a piece.  Have you used these before?  The DISC come in 5 different sizes and can also be used for adhesion to wood, hardboard and blockboard.  These are to be used for hanging, porcelain, china, eartherware, glass plates and plaques.   

I followed the directions on the back exactly.  You add a little water into the glue on the DISC, wait 5-10 minutes then apply DISC to the plate.  Press firmly and rub well to expel any air.  Leave overnight to dry.

Because my plate had a definite top to it, I marked the backside of the plate at the very center with a black Sharpie.  That way I could line up the hanger on the DISC in the right spot.

I used a Pampered Chef scraper to expel any air bubbles.

Next day they were ready to hang.  Really easy peasy.

I like how flush the plates hang against the wall with the DISC and you don't see the hanger at all.  

This is the end result. 

And a longer view.

Total spent:  $15.00

I am totally loving all things white right now and happy that I could find a way to add some more white to my home.

Now to show you what I received for Mother's Day!

My husband and children blessed me with two new ferns, two Knock-out Roses, (these are my first) and dinner at Bahama Breeze.  It was a wonderful day!! 

These are Boston Ferns and will need to be repotted very soon.   

I am trying the Knock-out Roses in different spots around the yard till I decide where the perfect place is. 

How was your Mother's Day?  

Have you tried the DISC hangers before?  Please don't tell me your plates fell off the DISC and crashed to the floor!  

Have you grown Knock-out Roses?  Any tips to give me?  My Mom grows them and loves them.   

I love to read your comments.  Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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  1. Libby, The plates look great, and you can't beat that price! Good luck with those roses, hope you find the perfect spot for them.

  2. Hi Libby, I have looked for those discs and never can find them. They look awesome! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  3. Hi Libby- First, I just hung some plates and I'm disappointed at how far the hangers make them hang from the wall. So i like the disc hangers. I'm a little scared because the plates are antiques- keep us posted (Especially if they fall! Yikes!) My mom planted forty knock out roses two years ago and has not lost one and we have some brutal winters! Visiting from Debbie's party-I'm your newest follower!

  4. Love Knock-Out Roses! Just put in a few in our backyard bed, too! I have dead-headed them a few times, and they are blooming like crazy!

    Love the plate hangers...will look for those!

  5. white plates are classic. it makes any walls look more elegant.

  6. omg I LOVE the way the plates look there!!!! Have not heard of those plates hangers but Im sure going to check it out!!!
    LOVE the ferns too!!!!!

  7. Beautiful solution! Your ferns and roses are wonderful. I love to get gifts like these.

  8. I am going to search online for those...genius idea! Happy WW!

  9. I love what you did with those pretty plates! I actually have never heard of disc holders before but what a great idea! I am your newest follower!