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Friday, October 15, 2010

Photographer Spotlight, Vicki Dvorak and Update Southern Living Idea House

Is it just me or has October been absolutely lovely in Georgia this year??

Just to give you an update on the Southern Living Idea House.  Our previously scheduled trip was postponed till tomorrow!, thoughts and overall impressions will soon be here in (on, which is it??) the blog!  I don't think there will be a farmers market tomorrow nor the car show.   

Till then, I am posting some lovely photographs from Vicki over at Simply Hue.  I love how she brings simple beauty to everyday objects and settings.  The feel and the colors are so very "vintage".  You may check out her Etsy shop here

This is actually a clock that Vicki purchased from my vintage shop.  Don't you love the shabby chicness of it?  This one is called Time.

And this is a sweet one (from her blog) with soft colors, perfect for Autumn!

And this one is called, You've Got Mail!

And the last one for today is Journey

Vicki describes herself as:   

An ArTiSt, A pHoToGrApeR, lOvEr Of LiFe, PeOpLe, NaTuRe, ChOcOlAtE, oLd MoViEs, ItAlY, fRaNcE, vInTaGe AnYtHiNg. CoFfeE dRiNkEr, hOrSeLoVeR, fUlL oF wOnDeR...a FrEe SpIrIt. LoVe ThE cOuNtRy, ViSiTiNg ThE cIty, MoOdY cOfFeE hOuSeS, eAsY cOnVeRsAtIoNs, ReAl PeOple, LaUgHiNg UnTiL iT hUrTs, WaRm HuGs FrOm KiDs. AbOVe AlL...a WiFe, MoM, dAuGhTeR, SiStEr aNd FrIeNd.

Sounds like someone I can enjoy getting to know.  Again, visit Vicki at her blog, here or her Etsy shop, Simply Hue

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon so stay tuned!  Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment and let me know you visited.  I am just getting started here.    

Till next time!