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Monday, January 24, 2011

Candice Tells All, New Show From Candice Olson!

Have you checked out Candice's new show yet, Candice Tells All?  She has always been my very #1 fave on HGTV.  

So happy when we got to see more of her as a co-host on Design Star, along with Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder.  Last year I discovered Sarah Richardson of Sarah's House.  No doubt about it, Sara is now my second fave on HGTV.  Both of them are Canadians! In fact, a lot of great design comes out of Canada, including some wonderful blogs. 

Anyway, back to Candice. says, "This is Candice unplugged as she deconstructs the design process and teaches us her rules in a fun and irreverent way."   

The first photo is from her new show, episode title, Mixing Old and New. All other photos are from her previous series, Divine Design.  This episode was helping a couple mix their old and new furniture pieces for an ecclectic look.  They had furniture from their time in France as well as beloved family treasures.  Candice did a powerful lot of editing and updating.  What do you think?    

Candice always surprises her clients with a room reveal that is certain to wow.  She is unafraid of color.  Her mix of finishes and patterns are always right on.  Her liberal use of mirrors and lighting give her rooms that extra special sparkle and shine. 

I will grudgingly admit that her previous show was beginning to seem "stale" to me as I had watched it for years.  But true to Candice-form this new show shakes things up.   Remember the likable Chico, the electrician with the dark pony-tail?  Gone.  Her old team is no longer shown.  Now Candice has a new team and the show has an up-to-date stylish look.  I would admit this new show does a better job of "keeping it real" and presents more of the headaches and mistakes that can accompany the design process.  

Candice appears to have had a makeover as well.  In every scene, she looks tanned, strong, the ultimate fashionista with perfectly coiffed hair.  Very excited to see her in this hip new show.

Candice inspires me to be bolder in my decorating choices and more confident about mixing styles. 

No one can knock the ball out of the park on a basement renovation like she can.  Sure-fire examples below.  Can you say Yowza!! 


What about you?  What are your thoughts on her new show, Candice Tells All?  Do you have a fave on HGTV?  Do tell! Let's share!

And speaking of HGTV hosts, 2010 Design Star winner, vintage-loving Emily Henderson, will be premiering her show, Secrets From A Stylist, Feb. 26 at 9:00 PM!  Set your DVR and don't miss it!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you leave a comment, it means so much to this baby blogger!  Libby~

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  1. So glad you stopped by Southern Somedays! I hope you will again.

    As far as HGTV, I used to be a devoted fan and watched all the time but the last couple of years I can't seem to love any of their shows. They have so few true design shows now and so MUCH real estate...I miss my old HGTV!

  2. Libby,
    I am so excited to see the new show!! I have always been a Candice lover, but started to become less interested for some reason. I hope I stay interested in the new one...thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love Sarah's shows the most. I do watch Candice now and then, but her style is more modern than I like.

  4. Miss your old show! Miss Chico. the new show seems to be more about Candice then about the design and how to get there. We loved your old show! Loved the results and the way you got there. It is nice to change it up a bit but please put back some of your old methods.

  5. I have never seen Candice's shows (because we don't have cable), but I'm thinking I would like them judging from your photos and the articles I used to read by Candice in the newspaper every week. I've seen more of Sarah Richardson's work, both on-line and in real life. I was just at the Interior Design Show and got to go through three rooms she designed. I loved seeing them in person. I put some photos on my blog if you are interested.

  6. I'm glad to read about this show! I've always liked her style. I will have to set it on my DVR! Thanks!

  7. Does anyone know what fabric the paisley teal is on the 2 chairs from the mixing old with new episode? I have hunted everywhere & can't find anything quite like it! Thanks