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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Trip to the Coast!

So excited to be going on a road trip this weekend to visit my family on the coast.  I am looking forward to seeing some lovely blues and greens and plenty of relaxing water.  And beautiful horizons where sea and sky meet.  Much like this fabulous dining room scene below.  


I love everything about this room.  The furniture, the colors, the wall scene but especially the chandelier!! 

I hear we are forecast abundant sunshine.  yippie!  

What fun thing do you have planned this weekend?  Libby~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Southern Living Idea House, Final Post

This is the final installment on the 2010 Southern Living Idea House, Abercorn Place, in Senoia, GA. To read previous posts, links are provided at the end.  This was a very enjoyable tour that covered 4 beautifully designed floors.  There were a LOT of pictures and tons of inspiration.  Hence, I chose to break it down into different parts.  

This post will focus on the basement level, outside porch and courtyard areas.   Don't you love the blue painted barn door hung on a track shown below?  This separates the family room from the stairway and hallway.  And check out the brick floor!  This carries out onto the porch too.    

This is good idea.  On the basement stairs, local artist, Dee Keller, painted a runner in lieu of carpet! 

And this is a practical and stylish storage solution, drawers built under the stairs. A perfect place to keep all the pet supplies. 


Opposite these drawers was a rustic bench with a stylish horse and carriage sign above it. 

This picture shows more of the room with the desk and built-ins.  Overall this room has a very casual and kick off your shoes feel to it.

A close-up of the ingenious bulletin board/calendar!

Opposite the couch is this lovely pine armoire.  I would imagine this houses a TV.  Very excited to see this as we have a similar one in our media/recreation room.

Unusual light fixture!  I'm sure it was hanging straight.  I think the photographer (me) was a little crooked. 

A close-up of the other barn door on the opposite side of the wall.

There was a full bath on this floor but I didn't get good pictures.  From this floor you can take stairs up to the front outside of the house.  You also access the garage from this floor.   

This is the porch off of the basement family room.  Love the porch swing bed!

And a beautiful planter filled with ivy.

There is a lot of outdoor space to this town home as the unit is on the end of the complex.  I have already shown you pictures of the upstairs porch off of the main living area.  Here are pictures of the courtyard and potting area.

How cool would it be to have a spacious potting area like this?  

So there you have it.  I loved how Jamie McPherson decorated this town home.  It was modern, comfortable and elegant with many vintage touches throughout.  

For a complete list of contributors, sources, etc., visit, 2010 Georgia Idea House      
All pictures are mine except when otherwise noted.

Thanks for stopping by!  What do you think of this basement family room? 


Click here to read about the exterior and top floor.  
Click here to read about the second floor, where the bedrooms are located.  
Click here to read about how Abercorn Place was decorated for Christmas.  Click here to read about the main living, dining and kitchen areas on the main floor.  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Spring in The Foyer, Part II

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my foyer springtime vignette that included so many of my vintage treasures.  It was fun to put together and best of all it was totally FREE!  If you missed that post, just click here to read it.  

I thought I would give you a tour of the entire foyer as I haven't really blogged about it before and share some changes I am hoping to make.  

I like a foyer in a home.  I find a foyer provides a welcoming place to receive guests, give hugs, gather coats, etc.,  Also, if someone stops by unannounced, the foyer is usually clean even if the main living areas aren't!

Here is a picture of the whole room.  

The stairwell on this side of the picture leads to our media/recreation room downstairs.  I like the crown molding in the foyer that my husband installed some years ago.  

And the wainscoting. This previously went all the way down the hallway.  I felt with all the doors opening up into different rooms it made the hallway look too busy so we removed it but left it here on three sides of the foyer.  

The walls in the foyer are painted a taupy-beige color.  This works for me here because it is very neutral.  The foyer opens into the hallway that I mentioned previously.  It is just my opinion that hallways give an opportunity for the eye to rest before entering another room.   But I have thought of just stenciling and/or wallpapering the back wall behind the mirror for more interest.  What do you think?

This chest is one I purchased in the late '90's from an antique store.  I have always liked it because of the pretty detailing on it.

Since 2005 I have used it here in the foyer.  However, I presently am looking for something different.  I want to replace it with more of a buffet piece.  It would be a little taller and longer.  I think I would want to paint this new piece a creamy white, a soft blue or a cool gray and do some distressing on it.  I have been searching Craig's List, eBay and my local newspaper classifieds.  Also, have visited garage sales and estate sales.  So far I haven't found something  that I liked that was also in my meager budget! If you are a thrifter and a bargain shopper like me, patience for the wait is absolutely necessary.  

This is the rug I am currently using.  Again, I am looking to change this out to something lighter and more organic.  Maybe a pretty sisal.  Especially for the warmer weather. 

On the other side of the foyer I placed this simple chair I purchased from a thrift store.  I think I paid about $5.00 for it.  I like to use it here and change things out on it according to the seasons.

For my spring theme I placed a straw pocketbook that I bought from GW and laid some silk greenery inside.

Here is a long shot of the foyer.  You can see an umbrella stand I have in the corner.  I hope to paint/mod podge this too.  Right now we have a couple of walking sticks in it and I am looking for some vintage umbrellas.

In my opinion our front door is one of the prettiest features of the foyer.  I absolutely love the leaded glass. 

And a couple more shots of the springtime vignette.

Wherever you are I hope your weekend is warm and sunny!  That is the weather we are having. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Spring in The Foyer

This evening I shopped my home and put together a spring tablespoon to welcome guests into our foyer.

Last summer I purchased the bird card from a flea-antique mall.  The small succulent, came from Michael's Craft Store and I purchased it several weeks ago.  (40% off!)  I already had the see-through frame (also purchased on sale at Michael's).  I visited Vintage printable and printed the botanical.  Have you visited that site?  Amazing vintage prints, all FREE!    

The plant came from my kitchen.  I recently purchased the little wooden box and the old Listerine bottle from thrift and antique stores.

The silver ice bucket was a purchase from an antique-flea market many years ago.  It usually stays in our bedroom holding a silk fern.  I really love silver and don't mind polishing it.  I use it a lot throughout my home. 

The white runner also came from a thrift store.  I was surprised to see that it was Ralph Lauren!   

Here you can see the top of the mirror.  I purchased it in 1998.  I have fallen in and out of love with it over the years.  I have recently thought about painting it.  However, gold is trending back in. 

And another view from the other side.  

So, there you have it.  My FREE Spring tablescape in the foyer.  Isn't it fun to shop your own home?  And I am glad to know that most of these items were purchased on sale or second hand.  I do love a bargain.

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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Country Living Happiness

Recently I subscribed to Country Living magazine and yesterday received my first issue by mail.  It is the April edition.  Look at the yummy springtime cover!

This is sort of a coming home to me.  I will explain.  Growing up my Mother read Country Living and loved the country style.  I did too as a young married girl.  However, like a lot of people we grew tired of the "how many baskets could one get in their kitchen along with hearts, ducks and teddy bears" look.  Remember the '70's and '80's?  Yeah, let's don't go back there.  So, for a long time I said "bye-bye" to Country Living.

However, in recent years I have desired to create more of a mix in my home of various styles.  English traditional.  Coastal cottage.  Vintage modern.  It all works for me 'cause it is what I love. 

I find that the current Country Living magazine embodies a style that is more of a mix, that eclectic look that is popular with so many.  Old and collected married with fresh and modern.  The following picture from the April issue is an example.  


So, I am truly excited to be a new subscriber and have it delivered to my door every month!  In this issue, I was especially trilled to see the  article, "The Garage Turned Garden Shed."


It is providing inspiration for me on a project I am working on.  Using a bench my husband built some years ago and creating a potting area in our carport.  Just in time for springtime plantings.  Pics to come soon!

How do you feel about Country Living or the country style decorating?

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Loveable Lavendar and Passionate Purple

We have had a relaxing Sunday.  We sat on the back screened porch and enjoyed the morning sunshine, then moved to the front porch and soaked up the afternoon sun.  It has been a lovely Spring-like day.  Because both the husband and I have been sick we missed church this morning.  That rarely happens.  

Now the sun has gone down and I just lit this awesome candle I have been enjoying since Christmas. 

My husband's daughter gave me a huge gift basket for Christmas and it was filled with fun green and purple items.  No, I didn't think to take a picture until after I had completely emptied it and put the various items in their places of use.  In the basket was purple and green scrapbooking supplies, a purple umbrella, a glittery green fountain pen, boxes of tea, bath and shower gel, body lotion and the list goes on. One of the items in the basket was this Yankee Candle in Lemon Lavender scent.  

Have you smelled this??  It is true, it is calming and relaxing. 

Here is a picture of the candle with the light off.  So soft and welcoming. 

Also in the gift basket were items from Avalon Organics, Lavendar Bath & Shower Gel and Lavendar Bath & Body Lotion.

I have never used products from this company before but I now highly recommend them.  These are exceptional and very enjoyable to use.  

The shower gel is kept in my bathroom but I keep the hand lotion in my office on my desk.  

I do have a passion for purple.  In small doses.  Perhaps that is why I got a gift basket with so many purple things in it!  One foot into my house and you see a lot of green because our great room is painted green.  I find it is such an easy color to live with.   

Here are a couple of prints that hang in my office with purple in them. 

So what do you think of the color purple?  What about the scent of lavendar? 

Thanks for stopping by.  I welcome your comments.  Libby~

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