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Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Spring in The Foyer, Part II

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my foyer springtime vignette that included so many of my vintage treasures.  It was fun to put together and best of all it was totally FREE!  If you missed that post, just click here to read it.  

I thought I would give you a tour of the entire foyer as I haven't really blogged about it before and share some changes I am hoping to make.  

I like a foyer in a home.  I find a foyer provides a welcoming place to receive guests, give hugs, gather coats, etc.,  Also, if someone stops by unannounced, the foyer is usually clean even if the main living areas aren't!

Here is a picture of the whole room.  

The stairwell on this side of the picture leads to our media/recreation room downstairs.  I like the crown molding in the foyer that my husband installed some years ago.  

And the wainscoting. This previously went all the way down the hallway.  I felt with all the doors opening up into different rooms it made the hallway look too busy so we removed it but left it here on three sides of the foyer.  

The walls in the foyer are painted a taupy-beige color.  This works for me here because it is very neutral.  The foyer opens into the hallway that I mentioned previously.  It is just my opinion that hallways give an opportunity for the eye to rest before entering another room.   But I have thought of just stenciling and/or wallpapering the back wall behind the mirror for more interest.  What do you think?

This chest is one I purchased in the late '90's from an antique store.  I have always liked it because of the pretty detailing on it.

Since 2005 I have used it here in the foyer.  However, I presently am looking for something different.  I want to replace it with more of a buffet piece.  It would be a little taller and longer.  I think I would want to paint this new piece a creamy white, a soft blue or a cool gray and do some distressing on it.  I have been searching Craig's List, eBay and my local newspaper classifieds.  Also, have visited garage sales and estate sales.  So far I haven't found something  that I liked that was also in my meager budget! If you are a thrifter and a bargain shopper like me, patience for the wait is absolutely necessary.  

This is the rug I am currently using.  Again, I am looking to change this out to something lighter and more organic.  Maybe a pretty sisal.  Especially for the warmer weather. 

On the other side of the foyer I placed this simple chair I purchased from a thrift store.  I think I paid about $5.00 for it.  I like to use it here and change things out on it according to the seasons.

For my spring theme I placed a straw pocketbook that I bought from GW and laid some silk greenery inside.

Here is a long shot of the foyer.  You can see an umbrella stand I have in the corner.  I hope to paint/mod podge this too.  Right now we have a couple of walking sticks in it and I am looking for some vintage umbrellas.

In my opinion our front door is one of the prettiest features of the foyer.  I absolutely love the leaded glass. 

And a couple more shots of the springtime vignette.

Wherever you are I hope your weekend is warm and sunny!  That is the weather we are having. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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  1. The paint colour & wainscotting is great! I have a sisal rug in the front hall & I love it!..Your dresser is wonderful! Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, I'm envious of the natural light you've got pouring into your home! Beautiful! I'm your newest follower, visiting from, I hope you'll come check me out!

  3. Your foyer is beautiful Libby. The antique chest was a great investment back when because it looks great in the foyer and would work anywhere. I love your picture molding and would love to take this on one day in our dining room. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. beautiful! it definitely looks light and springy!

  5. Wow! This is just amazing. I want that mirror and chest! Gorgeous! And I'm so going to copy the straw bag with greenery. That's adorable.
    Thanks for sharing!