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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Country Living Happiness

Recently I subscribed to Country Living magazine and yesterday received my first issue by mail.  It is the April edition.  Look at the yummy springtime cover!

This is sort of a coming home to me.  I will explain.  Growing up my Mother read Country Living and loved the country style.  I did too as a young married girl.  However, like a lot of people we grew tired of the "how many baskets could one get in their kitchen along with hearts, ducks and teddy bears" look.  Remember the '70's and '80's?  Yeah, let's don't go back there.  So, for a long time I said "bye-bye" to Country Living.

However, in recent years I have desired to create more of a mix in my home of various styles.  English traditional.  Coastal cottage.  Vintage modern.  It all works for me 'cause it is what I love. 

I find that the current Country Living magazine embodies a style that is more of a mix, that eclectic look that is popular with so many.  Old and collected married with fresh and modern.  The following picture from the April issue is an example.  


So, I am truly excited to be a new subscriber and have it delivered to my door every month!  In this issue, I was especially trilled to see the  article, "The Garage Turned Garden Shed."


It is providing inspiration for me on a project I am working on.  Using a bench my husband built some years ago and creating a potting area in our carport.  Just in time for springtime plantings.  Pics to come soon!

How do you feel about Country Living or the country style decorating?

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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