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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Southern Living Idea House, Part Four

This is a continuation in a series about my visit to the 2010 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, GA.  There was so much to be seen and appreciated in this 4-floor town home, I simply had to break it down into parts.  To see Part 1 go here, to see Part 2 go here, to see Part 3, which was the Christmas decorations, go here

This post will be devoted to the main floor and main living areas.  The first thing I noticed was the lovely blue and cream wallcovering that greets you in the entrance and stairway.  Resource guide states that it is Thibaut, Residence Damask, Slate Blue.  This same pattern was used in the window treatments in the living and dining rooms.  Throughout the home very pleasing shades of blues and greens were used against a neutral background with a focus on natural elements.  

Another view in a stairway with a gallery of bird prints 

It is exciting that wall paper is making such a strong comeback.  However, I am not ready to commit to this much wallpaper.  I have too many recent memories of peeling wallpaper off the walls to paint!  What about you?  Ready to wallpaper an entire room again? 

The living and dining rooms


Console table with a statue of horses, I believe from Ballard Designs.  Horses were seen quite often throughout the home in statues and art work. The majority of the furniture in the living and dining room is Ethan Allen.


Local artwork was seen throughout the home

I have chairs just like these, I may need to copy how these are slip covered! Looks simple enough, right?  If it is good enough for Southern Living, it is good enough for me.  :-)

Chandelier in the dining room

This chandelier was custom made.  Resource guide states,"custom light fixtures by Eloise Pickard at Sandy Springs Galleries fill the main level.  With extensive knowledge of period lighting, Eloise assembles new fixtures from antique parts." 

More from Sandy Springs Galleries in the entryway

Moving into the kitchen

You see here that designer, Jamie McPherson chose to place a farm table on one side of the island instead of creating a bar with stools.  What do you think about this idea?

Don't you love the horse?  To me the most interesting aspect of the kitchen is that it is from IKEA!  Very affordable yet stylish.

Resource guide states that these are, "french shopkeeper shelves from Wisteria.  They add stylish storage to both sides of the reclaimed pine pocket doors leading from the kitchen to the dining room."


The treasures on these shelves are examples of all the old and vintage items used throughout this home.  How that does my vintage-loving heart good!

Into the keeping room
Resource guide states, " intimate sitting room with a flat-screen television hidden behind a Larson-Juhl & Artaissance custom framed piece.  The piece of art is cleverly cut to fold back when the television is on."    

Close-up of bench in the sitting room
This bench is a little different with the back and arms covered in fabric and the seat in leather.
Next, the scullery, yes I did say scullery!

Website states, "Adjacent to the kitchen, a pantry houses the refrigerator and handles much of the work and mess of food prep."  There are pocket doors separating the two rooms.

While the area was nicely decorated and a unique idea, my friends and I didn't like the use of space as it related to the kitchen.  The refrigerator is a far cry from the oven and sink.  Just our opinions, however.

Finally, the main floor powder room.  Transom windows are used throughout this home.  Oh, how I love thee!  Would you be mine?
And the vanity cabinet
Next week will be the final part in this series, the lower level.  This is a fun, family area that is packed full of great decorating ideas and unique furnishings.  

So, tell me, what is you fave in this post?  What part of the main living areas do you like the most? 

FINALLY, help!  Can anyone tell me how to solve the spacing issues I have between my photos when it looks fine before I preview it?   

Thanks for stopping by!  Do come again.  Libby~ 

Unless otherwise stated, all photos are mine.  I used a few from the Southern Living website because the place had filled up with people and it was hard to get decent photos. 

You can find more photos and a complete listing of resources at 2010 Georgia Idea House.    



  1. such inspiring photographs! wow, what a dream it would be to live in a Southern Living design home! :) so glad you're a new follower over at Peace of Home! I hope you enjoy hanging out with me!

    I think it's so great that you're doing what you love now. Thanks for sharing that in your profile info!

  2. Hi Libby! I saw that you became a follower on myblog and I wanted to come by and say thanks. :)

    Love the Southern Living pictures. Don't you think that looks more like SL than some of the homes in the last few years have? They have tried to be modern looking in the last couple of years it seems to me.

    Welcome to blogging by the way. About that spacing issue...Sometimes I upload while in the Compose tab..then click over to the HTML tab...figure out where each picture starts and ends...then put spaces between them. Does that make sense? Blogger seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes when it comes to spacing. I hope this works for you.

  3. I so wanted to go to that house in Senoia but just never got around to it, sob. :(

    So many beautiful Southern touches.