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Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Can't Let It Go

This was a very different holiday season for me.  I would describe it as "close to perfection".  Maybe because it was the first in several years that I was not working full time and had opportunity to enjoy it.  My Mom always spends Christmas was us.  She was here and we had a great time cooking and baking together.  All of the children and the grandchildren were here. Lots of gifts, food and fun together celebrating Christ's birth.  

AND we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!  It was pretty awesome.

I did a lot of decorating but didn't share any pictures with you.  I know.  It is January 3.  What can I say???  It is late, but I just can't let it go.  Today I am making myself take it all down.  But first I wanted to post about it. 

This was the first year that I did any Christmas decorating in the basement since we just fully finished renovating the basement this year. The theme was a Rustic-Country Christmas.  I hung wreaths on an armoire we house the sound equipment in.   

This is a tea-cart I inherited from a favorite aunt.  She had it in her living room for years  We share the same birthday and have always been close.  She said I was the daughter she never had.  I use it now to hold jars of snacks and goodies.  

I took some of my Christmas vintage post cards and clothes-pinned them to twine as a fun decorative element on the windows above the electric candles. 

In the center of the eating table I used an old wooden bakers board and filled it with vintage hand-painted Christmas balls and votive candles.  It sits upon a remnant of burlap surrounded by greenery clippings; boxwood, cedar and rosemary.  We ate our Christmas breakfast there. 

Some close-ups of the Christmas tree.  I bought this artificial tree at a thrift store for around $13.00.  My first one ever.  We have always used only live trees. But for the downstairs family room, this one was perfect.

Under the tree I place some wooden toys.

Some Christmas pillows added to what I already use.


Greenery above the chalk board with a favorite Christmas song.

Thanks for allowing me to share a little of our Christmas with you.  Maybe there will be one more post to show you how I decorated in the main living areas of our home.  

Next post will hopefully be about what I want More Of and Less Of in 2011!  Thanks for stopping by!


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