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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bringing Some Green In The Home While Not Breaking The Bank

Today I thought I would show you a couple of new house plants I recently purchased from Wal Mart and some plants I have had for a while.  I like house plants and enjoy the airiness and natural feel they bring to my home but I don't like spending much money on them.  I do use some faux silk green plants but not much.  I prefer something living and growing over something silk any day.     
Isn't the guy up top there unusual looking?  In person, it looks like this plant is glowing fluorescent green!  No kidding!

The tag reads Golden Moss "Aurea".  I paid about $11 for it.  

I chose this plant for it's beautiful color and also because the tag says it requires little maintenance and low light. I have never grown a moss before, have you?  Any tips to give me?

The next plant was on clearance at Wal Mart, probably left over from last summer.  I paid about $10.00 for it.  I think that is a really good deal for this large plant. 

I don't know the name of this guy, do you?  I know that it is not an elephant's ear but it does remind me of that kind.  Here is the tag.  It simply says Philodendron Hybrids and shows a completely different picture than what I bought.

This plant may end up on the back screened porch once warm weather gets here to stay. 


Here are a few other plants I enjoy.

Peace Lilies are very easy to grow.  Did you know that NASA lists a Peace Lily as one of the best plants to clean the air of harmful toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide?  Me neither!

My mom gave me this next plant and it lives on our front porch.  However, all winter long I have been bringing it in and out of the house when temperatures reached below freezing. It is called an Asparagus Fern or Sprengeri.  

Another plant I like to grow is a Pothos.  It is also known as a clean-air plant.  I purchased this plant on clearance from my local grocery store.  I have it on this table next to our old clock that chimes.    

You don't often see plants for sale at garage sales but I found this sweet English Ivy at one and only paid .50 cents for it.


In the past I haven't had good success with growing ivy's.  I'm not sure why.  But this little guy is tenacious!  He has lived throughout the winter clinging to the side of this broken, plastic pot!   

After Valentine's Day many, many flowers and plants were reduced at my local grocery store.  I bought 2 bunches of mixed green clippings (at $2.50 each) that were to be used as filler for roses.  But I liked them just as they were.  So I brought them home and arranged them in a vase on our dining room table.  Two weeks later they still look fabulous! 

A close-up for a better look.  Can you see the eucalyptus?  It made the whole room smell so fresh and clean.  


I recently purchased this vase at an estate sale.  I immediately liked the creamy white color and cut-out design around the top.  Upon closer inspection I realized it had a frog attached inside the vase.  This makes it so easy to create beautiful arrangements with your flowers and clippings.  See?

As the weather warms up and the plants are no longer dormant, I will begin to fertilize them using a liquid fertilizer.  They will really come to life then and put out new growth!

Well, that's it for me today and all my green. What about you?  What kind of house plants do you have? 

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~

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  1. Hi Libby! Looks like you are gearing up for Spring too. You also have a green thumb?? Not me, I am going to try harder this year. Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  2. Beautiful plants. I love to have them in my home also. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  3. Hi Libby, thanks for visiting. I love the golden moss aurea its so pretty. I can't grow houseplants my house is surrounded by trees and is dark even on a sunny day, but it helps to keep the house cool in the summer.I'm a new follower so pleased to meet you.

  4. Great plants! I love that first one! I've never seen one like that before. I love asparagus ferns too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'm here from Debbiedoo's party and am your newest follower.

    Have a great day.

  5. I love the beautiful greens of the plants you've chosen, especially the golden green moss. I'm a fern junky myself and would have dozens inside if I had the room. Your plants are gorgeous.

  6. thanks for the aurea tip! I love the bright yellow-green!

  7. I just bought a golden moss plant from Home Depot. I too, loved the color and the look of it. How long have you had yours and is it easy to grow?