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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hold On To Your Fork

With a post title like that, I am sure you are probably wondering about me.  No worries...just excited to share about a new print I received that I had ordered from Emily at Jones Design Company.  

What's the scoop you ask?  Well, recently Emily blogged about a story I heard some years ago that had special meaning to me. You really want to hear her tell it.  There is a link provided below at end of this post.  

After reading Emily's story, I and others suggested she make this into one of her fabulous art prints that she sells. 

Just let me say, this girl has some serious design talent.  I love her creations.  Her blog is a feast for the eyes, her home is beautiful.

Gor-ge-ous, right?  AND she is the mother of four!  You really must visit her site.   But don't go just yet.  

Back to the print.  So Emily did just that.  She now offers this print along with many others!  Here are a few.

However, I contacted Emily to see if she would add a line for me at the bottom of the print.  Happily for me, she was willing to do that and at no extra charge!  I very quickly received my order by mail.  

It was so nicely packaged!  It arrived in a sturdy mailer and enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve. 

She also enclosed a gift certificate for a discount on a future purchase!  That sure puts a smile on the customers face! 

So here is my print.  Can't wait to get a frame and decide exactly where I want to hang it.  

Yes, the Best Is Yet To Come!

It was just a pleasure doing business with Emily.  First-class and professional all the way.  

BTW.  Jones Design Company is not compensating me.  I don't receive anything for free from this post and neither will you.  It is just that when you meet someone that exceeds your expectations, you want to let others know about her.  That is one of the wonderful things about the blogging community.  

Plus, I just like supporting those women out there who are building their business, raising a family and living their dream!   

Now, please visit Emily's site, Jones Design Company, read the rest of the story and see what you want to order today!  She also offers many helpful tutorials.

AND, every month she offers a FREE giveaway!  Be sure to check out the June giveaway going on right now.  

Have you recently done business with someone who impressed you?  Do share!

Thanks for stopping by!  Libby~ 

I don't know why I have spacing issues.  It always looks fine when I write it but not when I publish it.  


  1. What a great recommendation.
    I can't wait to check out her other designs.
    I recently ordered some initial bangles from a designer mentioned on a blog, so I will let you know.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  2. You have a lovely blog!...Have a great weekend


  3. I came SO CLOSE to buying that print the other day!